What Our Customers Say About Us

Below are a few notes from some of our customers:


Stakeholder for a Top 4 UK Grocer:

“I have worked closely with Mark and his team over the last 5 years on key strategic projects that deliver significant change to customer and colleague journeys.  The working relationship is as a partner as opposed to supplier and there is not many that have achieved this within our business. The key aspects Mark has supported us with are:

  1. Engagement and presentation at exec level of the strategic change with the new designs and development to ensure our colleague and customer feedback has been incorporated. Really understanding the operation and how this fits within our business plan, before presenting a product that we should purchase.
  2. Understanding what is happening in the Market - Mark is very professional and will always go over and beyond to deliver.  If he says it will happen, then he ensures it does.  I have never missed a deadline on any projects I have worked on with Mark and his team.


CCO of Europe’s largest retail fit out and technology supplier:

“Firstly in relation to Pinntec they have worked with us as a partner for the last two years, supply both product and services. Project work they have completed has been part of a £4m project with one of our largest customers so performance is critical. As well as project work they have also performed regular installation and maintenance services for us over the same period. Our primary role for Pinntec is subcontracted digital services, such as screens, kiosks and networking.

We selected Pinntec because they have continually challenged our business and proposed solutions, both from a technical and customer perspective. The trust they developed within the business in relation to capability and competence has been their key success factor. For right first time delivery and ability hit deadlines they have always sought to input into the project at the most appropriate time to ensure risks are migrated and time is allowed for testing and potential issues. This tends to be a by-product of dealing with technology which I am sure you’ll have experienced.

I would be extremely confident in recommending the team, I’ve spent the last 20 years working with consumer facing technology and Pinntec have been some of the strongest retail technology implementation partners I’ve worked with.”


CEO of a Top 4 Self-Service Product Suppliers in Europe:

“I have used Pinntec at previous businesses and subsequently in my current role. In itself that should tell you how highly I rate them. The main reason I work with them is because they are excellent at planning jobs, they stick to the brief, they don't compromise on their values and they deliver.  For us they handle all my logistics for storing, shipping and installing kiosks and I have recommended them to customers such as Bristol Airport, Easyjet and Adidas. I am happy to work with them and will be doing so into the future.  We have recently signed a long term partnership agreement which will further expand and deepen our cooperation”


Property Director for a Top 5 non-food European retailer:

“Just wanted to send you a quick note on how professional the team has been over the last few weeks in managing, planning and communicating the delivery of the protective screen program. This would not have happened without everyone involved being totally 100% focused on delivering what is right for the customer. Once again a big thank you to the whole team for your support and professionalism.”