Stainless Steel Trolley / Cycle Loop - Potted

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Trolley / Cycle Hoops


Our stainless steel loops are factory-cut and finished to the highest quality.

The 304 grade stainless steel loop ends are multi purpose and are available in a number of lengths & heights which can be put to many uses.

Being aesthetically pleasing and extremely durable, they are perfect as cycle loops (the potted loop is especially suited to motorcycles).

The loops may also be used in a variety of other applications including demarcation areas (especially trolley bays) and as doorway or wall protectors.

Order Information:

They are available either surface fixed or potted (300mm below ground level) to suit location requirements.




2" (50mm) diameter stainless steel tube which can be potted or surfaced fixed rails

3 sizes available (1m/1.5m/2m)