Stainless Steel Column Protection

£205.61 exc.VAT £246.73

Versatile Stainless Steel Column Protector


This stainless steel column protector is one of our most popular and innovative products. Suitable for both internal and external use, this low-level modular stainless steel rail combines elegance with durability.

It offers robust protection for a variety of columns diameters and has the added benefit of being aesthetically pleasing yet functional.

The modular nature of the product allows for easy planning and installation and it can be adapted
to the most challenging assignments. As well as being available as floor-fixed, low-level protection with feet or potted into the ground, it is also possible to fit this stainless steel rail to columns.



  •  Surface fixed or potted support foot or column fixed

  •  A fully modular system

  •  50mm diameter 304 grade stainless steel tube

  •  Prices include two halfs diameters

  •  Square column protectors can be made on request to your exact dimensions – call us to discuss your need