Double Sided Self Service Kiosk

£4,995.00 exc.VAT £5,994.00
The dual sided kiosk is optimised for a high workload capacity. This is especially interesting for qsr’s, restaurants, bakeries, cinemas or other bricks and mortar stores. It ensures less queues for customers during peak times while optimizing the order and payment process. With the miniaturized footprint, it was never easier to implement an all in one kiosk solution into existing store concepts. The distinctive pedestal provides the kiosk with a unique look, making it a real designer piece, with its clear contours and sleek appearance convincing even non-tech-savvy customers of the benefits of self-service. A pole light (optional) ensures that the system attracts customers’ attention even in heavily frequented areas. Outside the peak times, the customer can activate the pole light at the push of a button to request assistance or advice from the staff.