Triflo Sentry - Pedestrian Access System

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SKU: PINN - CRP 21-4173C-IRT

Triflo Sentry


Uncompromising on security and safety, ITAB’s automatic pedestrian entrance control provides:

  • Uncompromising security
  • Efficient and safe pedestrian traffic management
  • Savings on operating costs
  • Proven reliability

Choose from our lines of discreet, innovatively styled products that are compatible with most access control systems, including Security Entrance Lanes, Swing Gates, Half Height and Full Height Turnstiles, and Secure Portals and Doors.

They have been designed to suit a variety of public, government and commercial buildings, and will help you to improve flow efficiencies.

To complement our gates and turnstiles, we manufacture a complete range of barrier rail systems along with glass panel inlay options, and secure fencing for external locations.

In addition, to extend the useful lifespan of these products our service engineers can carry out a wide range of preventative maintenance and repair work.

This turnstile is manufactured in high volumes, so is very competitively priced.


Standard and optional features:


  • Half height turnstile for internal use

  • Wall or floor mounted models available

  • 304 grade stainless steel body

  • 316 grade stainless steel arms

  • Can be easily integrated with railings/barriers providing the same look and feel throughout the desired area


  • Manually operated arms

  • Available as mechanical only unit or controlled in either or both directions

  • Can be controlled via any access control unit which gives out a volt free contact (supplied separately)

  • Free rotation on power failure or activation of fire alarm

  • Unlocking mechanism adjustable from 2-32 seconds

Order Information:

  • All controlled units are supplied complete with Push Button (Foot Pedal operation is an available option). Other control methods by quotation only.
  • If controlled unit required, please specify controlled direction, for example controlled entry / free exit. Please specify at time of order if left hand or right hand unit required

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